1. heh. I was on a VTC yesterday. During a long sidebar conversation on our end, the other end was muted and one of the guys there got up from his chair and started spinning it around. This went on for almost 5 minutes.

  2. The still shots of Calvin’s face reminds me of our QDR VTCs at EUCOM.

    A few of us O4/O5 aviators were assigned to sit through a mindless C4I panel for weeks on end with boring VTCs running well into the late evening. We’d eat our dinner, usually pizza, during these VTCs and as time wore on, so did our morale.

    So, in rebellion on one evening, we focused our VTC camera on our pizza box and EUCOM beer steins. Sure enough, about 45 minutes into the VTC we got called out by the senior civilian in charge for being unprofessional.

    On the next VTC, we zoomed our VTC camera onto an 11 X 14 picture of our Director (a zoomie) and left it there for the rest of the QDR.

  3. My favorite moment was about a week ago when we had multiple sites up (we were host) for a 3-star wank-fest and one of the remotes was still up when the briefer began digging for gold…with gusto.

    QDR VTC’s were an almost-ran in the above, but JROC won by a whisker. Might have to do one for them in the near future… 😉
    – SJS

  4. DangerousDan

    Its a thankless job being the person having to schedule, setup, troubleshoot the vtc. Especially with a bunch of O-6s sitting around the table waiting on you. Yuck.. But thus is the life of a powerpoint ranger

  5. FbL

    I haven’t yet experienced the joy of a teleconference, but I’ve been suffering through several meetings a day the last few weeks. Most of them have thankfully been very productive, but as we get further along in our project the meetings have gone past the 3-person stage–learning in experience that productivity (or smoothness) of a meeting is exponentially inverse to the number of participants. 😕

  6. Scribe, just curious, that JROC meeting didn’t involve E-2D, did it?

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