en⋅ter⋅prise [en-ter-prahyz] –noun

A project undertaken or to be undertaken, esp. one that is important or difficult or that requires boldness or energy: To keep the peace is a difficult enterprise;

Participation or engagement in such projects: Our country was formed by the enterprise of resolute men and women.

Boldness or readiness in undertaking; adventurous spirit; ingenuity.

498 500 800+ 1280+ signatures now,  but more are needed.

A lot more — I want to show up at SecNav’s doorstep with a big frickin’ box full of big, heavy 3-ring binders of signatures, so we’re going to need a lot more signers…You sign the petition – I’ll find a way to deliver it to SecNav, in  person if need be.

Let our effort be the very definition of the word — and in the spirit of the ship we would see named “ENTERPRISE”!


  1. Byron

    552 A/O 1209 EDT 8/2…But we need to keep hammering/begging/pleading to get this up on every forum or mailing list or blog that you are subscribed to. Save the Big E!

  2. Cliff Ruthrauff

    No more politicians, Please!

  3. Chad E Lietz

    The Enterprise is a historical icon in American lore. We must not let them replace this historic ship without a plan to name a newer vessel with the name Enterprise.

  4. Great information, I will be linking back to you and going to look around at your other posts.

  5. Stew Murray

    All due respects to politicians (not many), but the name ‘Enterprise’ is storied with a history of honour, sacrifice and blood. I am not an American, but I honour the men who served on vessels with this name, particularly those who served aboard CV-6 – the greatest and most honoured warship ever. Keep the name alive, and with it the legacy of those who fought so hard to keep us free.

  6. Kevin Du

    USS Enterprise, That name is one of the greatest ever. The last Enterprise, CVN-6 was and to me, still is one of the greatest ships ever built. A piece of American legacy, so proud, scrapped!!!!!!!x-( It cannot happen again. We need an Enterprise as the USN Icon. This one cannot be scrapped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. fred croushore

    Not only should there always be a USS Enterprise, we must stop naming them after the politicians. In fact rename the existing ones now….i.e Langley, Lexinton, Saratoga, America, Ranger

  8. Samuel Person

    The name of Enterprise should always live on in our Navy, this name is such an Iconic symbol it was even use on Star Trek. There is just something that fills you with honor and pride when you hear the name USS Enterprise. Even as a child I grew up watching the Victory At Sea series on WNJN and I always told myself “one day I’ll captain an air craft carrier name Enterprise.” We must never let this name go from our naval history! Let the next carrier be named Enterprise!

  9. Giorgio Tranquillini

    I’m Italian, but I can grant you that a sea with an Enterprise in it is a better and safer one!

  10. Ronda Callahan

    We need to keep an Enterprise in our Navy. It’s a shame that one of the new ships they are planning doesn’t already have the name assigned.

  11. Enough with the politician names. We need to keep our historical Naval names alive. Names like Enterprise, America, and United States should be the first choices when naming our new capital ships. At least they kept Independence alive, even if it wasn’t given to a carrier.

  12. Nancy Hettinger

    The only politicians that deserve something named after them are the founders of this country. As the daughter of Ltjg Swanson who was a silver star recipient on the USS Franklin (CV-13) during WWII, I would even vote to name this carrier the Franklin since she was known as “The ship that wouldn’t die” for the bombing that she endured and survived! At any rate Enterprise, America or United States would all be better than Barry Goldwater. In todays vernacular “Are you kidding me?”

  13. D Buzhardt

    I am a history student and have been studying the history of the CV-6 and CVN-65. The history both vessels and their previous incarnations deserve to be remembered. Since the old CV-6 (probably the most decorated ships in the history of the US Navy) was not saved from scrap it seems only fitting that the Navy keep her namesake going in the fleet.

  14. John Scott

    This has nothing to do with vapid Hollywood or Star Wars. Enterprise has symbolized valor in naval aviation for almost seventy years, and has a much longer history in the US Navy. As a Coronado kid in the fifties, I was thrilled to hear of The Big E’s exploits. As a destroyer driver & small boat advisor in the sixties & early seventies, I was proud that the Big E of old had appropriately gained a new life as the Navy’s first nuclear carrier, and I still am as a retiree forty some years later. Politicians naming capital (or any other) ships after their party heroes is a travesty that needs to be nipped. What’s wrong with naming them after battles or warriors where blood, not bombast, was spilled in our country’s defense? The ship’s name Enterprise in the US navy includes six combatant vessels before CV-6 of WWII fame, starting with a sloop of war commissioned in 1775. What a history! For God’s sake let’s continue that proud tradition – USS Enterprise (CVN-79)!!

  15. Arcane

    Where do I sign?

  16. Johnny

    The Enterprise–then and alwasy should be one. Keep the spirit alive.Name it the Enterprise. Politicians does not deserve it. Keep it Enterprise.

  17. Johnny Lau

    Enterprise was the name of CVN-65 and,of course,CVN-6,THE most decorated US warship in ww2 and one of the only 3 to being built before and survive the war.Enterprise CVN-65 has the most nuclear reactors ever and was the first nuclear powered carrier ever.I am willing to stab myself by all means just to name this carrier Enterprise.WE MUSN’T FAIL BY ALL MEANS NEEDED!FOR ENTERPRISE!

  18. A Navy without the Big E is a navy who lost her traditions. Bring the Big E back! That name has seen more battles and has more pride than most ships combined. Name me a Politician that has earned the rightore than the Enterprise.!

  19. Larry Barge

    I am a US Navy veteran of the Vietnam and I served with the Big E and this has been a part of our national history since we became a nation and does not bode well not to have this great name as a part of our fleet. I was 10 years old when this ship began service.

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