The Editorial Board of the USNI enters the fight in a major way:

The independence of the Institute is paramount; without that openness, the Institute risks simply becoming an organ of whatever entity, whatever program, is deemed permissible by only a few, whomever those may be. It would be difficult to find a member or an author who is not a proponent of U.S. sea power, but we must remain open to those who define it differently or who might disagree with it. If we do not, then we remain stagnant in our thoughts, and in the 21st century with all its traditional, non-traditional and unforeseen challenges, that is a concept we can ill afford.

We wish to state for the record that we, the Editorial Board, vote “no” to the proposed mission statement change.

I wouldn’t presume to try and add to what they said except to throw my full support behind the Editorial Board and encourage you to head over and read the full statement. Have you voted yet?

‘Phib deconstructs that which the Board of Directors remains adamantly silent about.