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We’ve been around since early 2005 and the years have seen a variety of postings on a number of topics ranging from the serious (nukes, naval strategy) to the lighter side (see: “Of Youthful Exuberance and the Search for Speed”).  But mostly we’ve written about and will continue to focus on the Navy’s VAW community – its heritage, mission, people and aircraft.  We don’t go fast (really), haven’t had movies made about us and at times past, were treated as the crazy aunt/uncle in the attic – acknowledged, but generally left to our own devices.  That began to change with the E-2C and as it morphed from the Group 0 birds to the Hawkeye 2K and eventually, the E-2D Advanced Hawkeye, the vision of those long ago pioneers associated with Project CADILLAC and succeeding generations of VAW/VW advocates has come to fruition.  Much of that story is told on the pages of the Blog which can be perused through Steeljaw Scribe: The Blog – the most recent posts are found below.  Life growing up as a young JO to CO is found in the Reflections area of the website – the names have (mostly) been changed to protect the (not so) innocent.  Mostly. Checkout the Steeljaw Gallery for changing images of VAW, Naval Aviation and the Navy from yesterday and today.  Oh — and just what is a Steeljaw?  Well – you can read up on it here: “What is a steeljaw,” or find one of us wearing the patch.  But fair warning – we are a rare breed that must be diligently sought out.

Enjoy the trip and if you have any questions, drop us a line.


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Steeljaw Scribe - The Blog

  • Flightdeck Friday (I): Ave Atque Vale – Three Years On

    Today’s Flightdeck Friday is a repost from the day when our extended family here learned of Lex’s passing out at NAS Fallon.  It was a grim day – a hard day and as noted […]

  • 2015 VAW/VRC Merit Scholarships

    The 2015 application process opened in February 2015. Deadline for entry will be April 30, 2015. There will be one Captain Ed Caffrey Memorial Merit Scholarship and several Merit Scholarships awarded for 2015. Captain Ed […]

  • Flightdeck Friday Red Star Edition (Красная Звезда издание) – The Tu-22 Blinder & Tu-22M Backfire

    Today’s post begins a multi-part Flightdeck Friday – Red Star Edition series on the Tu-22M Backfire. We’ll look at the Tu-22 Blinder, the rootstock for the Backfire, the controversy it engendered at the height […]

  • Memo To The IRGC

    Come back when you’ve got your varsity letter:  

  • Flightdeck Friday: A Hawkeye For FID

    So – after a sabbatical of sorts, Flightdeck Fridays will be returning to these parts.  In the intervening time I’ve been able to compile enough material to make for some…interesting topics.  Along the way, […]

  • Christmas 2014 — A New Song

    Christmas comes at a time of year where we, perforce, count our blessings, tally our losses and generally reflect on the year past. We find this action common across national boundaries and racial divides […]

  • “Air Raid Pearl Harbor. This is Not A Drill.” *

    * Telegraph from Patrol Wing Two Headquarters warning of the attack on Pearl Harbor Mr. Vice President, Mr. Speaker, Members of the Senate, and of the House of Representatives: Yesterday, December 7th, 1941 — […]

  • Generations

    Call this one – “Generations.” From the left — my Grandpa (father’s side), first generation American of German descent who left his home in Illinois to join the Army and head off to the […]

  • 2014 Hawkeye-Greyhound Symposium POSTEX

      Did you miss the Symposium this year?  Fear not – all you would like to know may be found over at the Hawkeye-Greyhound Association’s site – pics, briefs, and a summary.  Just head […]