1. Thag

    Welcome to The Hive! Kool-Aid is on the left…cherry today.

    I got my MacBook Pro because after years of fighting XP to get it where I wanted it, I wasn’t going to start all over again with Vista.

  2. Eagle1

    You know, I just replaced my little iBook with a $425 Compaq laptop running Vista, though I also have 2 iMac Intel that I love.

    But the cheap Compaq does what I need, and as long as I use Firefox and other non-MS products it has run about a month without blowing up. ‘course I don’t do much number crunchy stuff or fancy art work…though I was surprised that it load up an old Corel Draw/PhotoPaint program and runs it just fine. And the wide screen is nice for movies. And the price was very right.

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