Well the nominations are in and on the Navy side of the house there are five sites up for your voting consideration –USNI’s blog, CDR Salamander, Neptunus Lex, US Fleet Forces Command (ADM Harvey’s blog) and your humble scribe.  The list provides a most interesting cross-section of the Navy’s milblogging community.  There are active duty and retired bloggers – single and group efforts.  New kids on the block and old hands.  Concentrations run the gamut from current topics to historical series, mundane to the profound — but at the end of the day we are all united by one thing — our love of the sea, the Navy that sails it and the nation it protects.  For details on casting a ballot – head over to the main site.  Don’t lag behind — voting closes 7 April 2010!

I won’t advocate for any one in particular – that’s your call, just make sure to get over and vote.  Let the chips fall where they may…

P.S.  While you are there, drop by the “Military Supporter” category and plant one for our own Boston Maggie!


  1. I am terribly happy with all our finalists. Good luck!

  2. It is kind of interesting-with the exception of yours and Phib’s place, I am not so sure it is representative navy sample. Lex’s blog has devolved into (mostly) right wing stupidity, Admiral Harvey’s blog should not be in the running IMHO since he has to spout approved lines and USNI is an aggragator.

    It probably points out a flaw in the whole “milblogs” approach-namely that they seem to have to echo a certain political philosophy, or they don’t make the cut. Sad-but not suprising.

    And no I am not commenting out of envy-I’ve not commented on military things in a while-am Ok with that.

  3. Skippy – Did you vote for me? You can’t have a beef there! LOL

    SJS – Thanks for the plug. I don’t deserve to win, 3 of the other candidates walk the walk far better than I do. I blog to get Sailors to notice me….I have my reward. But having you and some others stump for me will ensure I make a good showing.

  4. Well … not to fear as it appears I’m burning up the lines (noT). Still in single digits…
    – SJS

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