Well, yes – we realize it isn’t Friday yet, but so what?  We’re on the road forthwith to our alma mater to join up with the rest of our classmates (who are either still fugitives or on work release programs…ahem) from some thirty odd years ago, swap lies, watch some football and swap some more lies.  In between we will reacquaint ourselves with the finer bits of Charleston cuisine and see what other mischief may present itself.  We hear the Coburg cow has gone riderless for a while…

To the task at hand – since posting will be somewhat limited due to the weekend’s, umm, events – we’re reprising one of the more popular posts and videos we’ve compiled over time, from a previous Project Valour-IT for presentation today.

You know – this is our third year of participating in this drive and we remain amazed at the generosity of folks out there, the ones who are wiling to put some commitment behind the words.  More so though, is the story of those wounded warriors whose lives will be singularly enhanced by your contributions.  When this all started it was using refurbished laptops and COTS software – today, besides new laptops and optimized voice recognition software we’re looking at the Nintendo Wii and GPS units as additional aids in recovery and rehabilitation.  Your contribution – $5 or $500 goes a long way to making that happen, for you see Project Valour-IT is one of those rare charities where every single red cent is turned into laptops and other technology for our warriors.  No need to worry about your money going to fancy office furnishings or exhorbinant salaries – that is the beauty of the volunteer effort that makes this happen.  So sit back, enjoy the video and then how about hitting the contribution button – that one, over on the starboard (OK, ok, right) side.


P.S.  Oh yeah – one other thing, we’ve paroled the Apprentices after their contretemps last year and they’ll be posting for us over the weekend.  Operative term here being probation