Via Pinch, comes a bevy of new E-2D shots from NAVAIR:


  1. HummerFO

    She’s beautiful!!!

  2. Dick S.

    Shiny and clean! No salt spray.

    Glass cockpits and color big-screens for the Moles, no less.

    Did I notice a receptacle for mid-air refueling behind the cockpit? If so, those triple cycles just got a lot longer (if we buy the things).

  3. Shiny indeed 🙂 Makes me wish I were a JO again – but then, I’m betting the guys who finished out in Fudds felt the same way in retirement when looking at the (then) new E-2C ARPS in ’78…
    – SJS

  4. HummerFO

    The color “big” screens look similar to the ones in the HE2K; I’d just like to have the brand new radar to populate it. And we’re going to need some new seats if we’re going to do AAR; my bottom is only rated for 5.0…

  5. Wow…sucking up the gear before the end of the runway, close formation flying, breaks and low passes over the field.
    And all with a yoke and not a stick…

    The Fighter Union is gonna be over to break a few kneecaps..

    And…link to pics large enough for use for wallpapers, please?

    Great shots…to bad the O will slow the production rate.

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