Admittedly, there has been a bit of light posting around here of late – but with good cause.  With the new year we shifted location and jobs, moving from the purple world back to Navy blue and gold.  Still very much involved in the operational world and much more analytical work, but from a different perspective.  That and a much longer daily commute though have served to lessen the available hours during the week for writing.

About that writing – the project I was involved with last year is reaching fruition in March, via Stanford University Press.  Securing Freedom in the Global Commons is the title and I wrote one of the chapters:

Securing Freedom in the Global Commons

Scott Jasper

Forthcoming: Paperback available in March

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Preliminary Table of Contents

The new millennium has brought with it an ever-expanding range of threats to global security: from cyber attacks to blue-water piracy to provocative missile tests. Now, more than ever then, national security and prosperity depend on the safekeeping of a global system of mutually supporting networks of commerce, communication, and governance. The global commons—outer space, international waters, international airspace, and cyberspace—are assets outside of national jurisdiction that serve as essential conduits for these networks, facilitating the free flow of trade, finance, information, people, and technology. These commons also comprise much of the international security environment, enabling the physical and virtual movement and operations of allied forces. Securing freedom of use of the global commons is therefore fundamental to safeguarding the global system.

The book is written for security professionals, policy makers, policy analysts, military officers in professional military education programs, students of security studies and international relations, and anyone wishing to understand the challenges we face to our use of the global commons.

The really good news is that this project is going to dramatically expand in the coming year, with more writing and other responsibilities — in other words, whole new avenues have and are opening up in ways not imagined even a year ago.  And yes, there is also a novel underway as well as other venues too.

All of which, of course, will also impact  free time for posting.  Yet it remains a target rich environment, so to speak, and I have no intention of stepping away from here either.  There had been some consideration about short posting – two or three lines and a link or two, to keep the daily count up, but that runs counter to the original intent of honing writing skills with thoughtful, meaningful posts that offer insight and understanding on critical subjects as well as historical perspective.

So, to our vast readership of five or so, fret not, the posts will continue in the coming year, albeit on something less than a daily basis.

And watch this space for more developments…


  1. Jim Dolbow

    Congrats! I cant wait to read it!!!

  2. claudio

    No worries, posts are usually worth the wait. Take care and good luck across all those venues.


  3. Andy (JADAA)

    Congrats, it’s in my Amazon pre-order que; hoping for it on Kindle. A novel? A rejoinder to “Bathtub Admirals”, perhaps? 😉 Post when able, you’re bookmarked and all that…


  4. Andy:
    Thanks — SFGC has been getting excellent reviews in the run-up to release in March and the next iteration will be starting in earnest here shortly. Major supporting conference in June at JFCOM – watch the space for more details.
    As for the novel – have pretty well sketched out the major characters (and a few minor ones too) and laid out the main story line. No it’s a matter of tying together the various subplots for continuty’s sake and commence writing.
    As much fun as this is, how come writing in HS s*cked so bad?
    – SJS

  5. Bill K.

    As much fun as this is, how come writing in HS s*cked so bad? I feel the same & chalk it up to experience and having something to say now which I didn’t then. Will be looking forward to getting a copy of your book myself.

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