OK, guess it’s throw down time – time to get some skin in this challenge…Spirit of Attack and all

Open challenge to Mike over at No Angst Zone – if Team USAF is ahead of Team Navy after the final reckoning on Thanksgiving, then the following Friday (5 Dec), my Flightdeck Friday post will be devoted to a USAF/USAAF/Air Corps plane (and hey, let’s put some challenge into it this time — I mean, Buffs and Hustlers are pretty well known…).  Oh and hey Buck, ditto if you’re game too 😉

We suppose it’s appropriate Thanksgiving is the end date as there seems to be an association between the junior service and a certain bird that figures prominently on the dinner table that day:

Anyway, your choice. I’ll give it the full treatment the real aircraft get on the regular Flightdeck Fridays – if we come in behind Team AF, which this year, isn’t gonna happen. Nope, no way.

Of course, should the tables be reversed (don’t leave me hanging here folks) I’ll ask the same from  you for that same weekend (of 5 Dec). What sayest thou — 20mm @ Angels 25 on mother’s 270 for 35?

Fight’s On…lessee, I seem to recall a few posts about clubbing baby seals



  1. I’m kinda non-plussed in the Valour-IT space. For the last two years running I’ve had advance notification of the fund drive and this year… nothing. I also checked my favorite Soldiers’ Angels blog yesterday and today and found… nothing. Is SA running a stealth campaign this year?

    I’m all up for for your challenge, SJS… even though I don’t “do” Flightdeck Fridays or anything remotely like it. I suppose I could post a pic of me kissing a Navy icon or something similar (DON’T get carried away in this space, tho!). 😉

  2. Steeljawscribe

    Hey Buck:

    Yea – caught me by surprise too – I was doing my morning pull of blogs when I found the announcement over at Maggie’s site and shifted into gear after that. The team sign up age is here for Team Air Force.
    – SJS

  3. Currently semi-incommunicado while working on an 8 page paper due tomorrow and a Wing/CC packet due Fri, but will try to get a coherent response up this weekend.

    The (alleged) pic of the Raptor brings up an amusing discussion I had a few years ago with a rather less educated fellow cadet whose dream was to fly the F-22…and fight in a dogfight. When I heard him utter such heresy, I immediately launched into a tirade of supercruise, BVR Slammer shots, and how with off boresight heaters and HMS, everyone dies in a WVR furball. You could see his dream breaking apart as I ranted. Of course, you could easily make the case why all of what I said is wrong (ref. the debrief video you put up last week or the RAND study) but it was worth it just to see the look on his face.

    As for the JSF…I already have a headache from this damn paper, I don’t need another one. How many missiles does it carry again? Does that include the gun it may or may not have on board? Ugh…

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